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Tracey Ingram


I have a passion for painting with acrylics and I love to create bespoke and unique commissions, all available on a wide selection of canvas sizes. I am also happy to discuss any requirements and can also offer advice and suggestions.
My commissions take on a wide variety of subjects, including Pet Portraits, People Portraits, Cars, Motorbikes, wildlife or even that special photo you have taken that you would like put on canvas with acrylic. 
Something I always say:
“I like my paintings to be seen when you walk into a room!”
For full list of sizes and prices please contact me via email: 
I also have high quality Giclee prints available to purchase on my Etsy Shop.  Please click on the Etsy Shop button below to see what I have available. 
I have also recently added charity 2022 Calendars and Christmas Cards to my Etsy Shop. Go check them out.

"I like my paintings to be seen when you walk into a room"

Please take some time to view the details below of the different types of unique art I can provide.
All of my paintings make a great addition to any home or business and they make great unique gifts if you are looking for something a little different.

Commissioned Art

I can create a personal and bespoke piece of art for you or for a special gift.

I can work with a wide selection of categories, and I am happy to discuss any special requirements.

Please view my Gallery for more photos of commissions I have completed!

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Commissioned Art

Highland Cow

I can create a unique Highland Cow to compliment any room, whether it is to be quirky, traditional or to match your home decor, therefore making this really personal in any colour scheme.

Also make's a great gift!

Please view my Gallery for more photos of  my Highland Cow commissions I have completed!

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Pet Portraits

Using a good quality photo I recreate your pet onto canvas. I enjoy bringing out the  colours within a photo of your pet and use this to  really make the art piece stand out as a unique painting.

Please view my Gallery for more photos of Pet Commissions I have completed!

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People Portraits

Using a good quality photo or photos I can create a  single portrait or family portrait.  I can also use more than one photo to create a family portrait if you do not have that family photo you have always wanted. I enjoy bringing out the  individual character/s I see to create that unique painting that compliments the person I am painting.

Please view my Gallery for more photos of People Portraits I have completed!

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Unique! Personal! Passionate!

I am passionate about creating art!

It is extremely important to me that my clients get exactly what they want and MORE! I enjoy adding my personal touch to the paintings I create, ensuring that my clients receive a unique and personal creation they will love to stand back and admire.

I have loved art all of my life, since I can remember. As a child I used to copy and draw cartoon characters and loved the colours and the ease in which I could do this. So I continued with pencils and loved to draw people, animals, objects and well, pretty much anything! Then I discovered the world of pastels, chalk and charcoal, I loved getting my hands dirty and creating artwork of animals and landscapes for my friends and family.
However, I ended up focusing on a career in hospitality which I enjoyed very much, and my passion for art never faded during this time, and I took any opportunity I could to be creative, including enjoying fine wine and fine dining!
Then about 10/11 years ago I decided to explore the world of painting, and I have been perfecting my skills with acrylic paints since. I love how I can be bold and striking with these paints and yet, I can also be delicate and detailed with it.